Open idea competition

We are ambassadors of the open idea competition IMAGINE Open Skåne 2030.

The Swedish Association of Architects Skåne
together with Region Skåne hereby invite you to an open idea competition, IMAGINE Open Skåne 2030. We want to widen the development of society, and invite more people to set its agenda.

IMAGINE Open Skåne 2030 is aimed at people who are working with design and who have a special interest in the future, and the spatial development of society. The competition is open to everybody; younger talents, students, as well as experienced professionals, working in Sweden or abroad.

Through IMAGINE Open Skåne 2030, the ambition is to generate ideas and thought-provoking suggestions on how to develop a strong and attractive region.

IMAGINE Open Skåne 2030 will be a platform where contestants can express their opinions on what they identify as important future issues of participation, design and development of society in Skåne. The idea is to generate creativity and important discussion, both within architecture and with other fields.