Why do people consider architecture to be abstract and academic?
Nothing could be more wrong!


Most people live, work, raise their families and dies within architecture.
The build environment affects our social behaviour,our productivity and our mental health.
We, as architects, have failed when the public consider architecture to be irrelevant! 


Architecture is more important than ever!

In a modern world where more than 50% of all humans live in cities, it's about time architects start engaging the end-users in the design process. It's important that politicians, decision make and constructors realises and encourages the fact that architecture has an impact on the human mind. And it's about time we start talking about architecture through media that everyone understands.

Why does so many architects
exit the academy,not knowing how
to communicate the effect that architecture
has upon the public?


Why is the construction industry not harvesting
all the benefits that comes from engaging
with the end-users during the building process?



Walls are not mere walls and architecture isn't a field of dead things!

This collective insanity of unambitious and redundant buildings has to stop. Everything in a building speaks to us, and we speak back to it. We are shaped by the space we inhabit and for too long this fact has been neglected. How can we continue to let this fact slip our consciousness, when the cities are growing and people live closer and closer?


If we let it, something can grow within the walls.

If want to, we can have beautiful conversations with rooms and halls. We can make the most complex architectural wonders meet a willing and caring public. But only if we want to. We must discard old conformity and pseudo-inclusion from an era of prestige and post-industrialisation. We must care again for the residents and understand the manifestly importance of architecture, before we can evolve our living and breathing walls.


WITHIN WALLS wants to challenge the status quo
in the most literal fashion possible.

We want to show you something that is so obvious
and so forgotten that you will be dumbfounded
both if you are unaware of architecture
or an experienced constructor. 


We want to rethink and optimise the building process.

By means of imagery and moving pictures, through lectures and installations and through analysis and executions, we want to facilitate the fertile meeting between the creators and the end-users. We want to make the building process a participatory work process between everyone involved. Our dream is that the end-users may look at a new construction plan and say "I understand this, and I believe in the vision for this building".

From the outside paths that leads to a new hospital, to the toilet down the hall, everything can become even better, if we recognize that buildings continues to live in the hearts and minds of people using it, long after is has been declared open. 


We want to optimise the communication
through the entire building process.


We want to show architects, constructors and of course residents, that we are all on the same side, when visioning the urban future
of living, working, being, playing, hiding and dying. 

We are all within walls.