"We tell the story of something most people don't consider part of their life,
but has a profound affect on all of us... Architecture"


Our mission is to make the world a better place by improving the built environment, by rethinking the communication during a building process, improving resident participation and sharing knowledge.  

And by helping the constructors address their spatial visions
through short films, which can be used as a tool to establish a common understanding, perspective and language between all the different participants of a building project.

What we do:

  • Connect the constructors and architects with the end-users early in the building process to avoid expensive and time-consuming misunderstandings and adaptations

  • Help promote value-adding in the building industry and give ownership back to the residents

  • Make engaging films and exhibition-designs aimed at starting debates and facilitating a change-of-mind towards the way we inhabit space

  • Raise important questions rather than providing answers to both constructors and end-users to enable co-creation and resident participation rather than inclusion

  • Advice on shaping visions, analyses and programs for the competition program of a development plan

Who we are:

  • Storytellers of the hidden tales in between our walls

  • Architects who could not understand why the importance of architecture was not articulated nor communicated better

  • An eclectically skilled team dedicated to (re)presentating architecture in innovative ways