New eBook for sale

Within Walls has an article in the new eBook With(Out) Trace: Interdisciplinary Investigations into Time, Space and the Body. The article explains how to use filmic methods such as storyboards and dramaturgy to create space. 

Within Walls participated at the 3rd interdisciplinary conference Time, Space and the Body held at Oxford University, 2014. Now we can proudly present the physical outcome from this conference; an eBook. 

The book unpacks many of the issues that surround the idea of trace. It looks at how interdisciplinarity can suggest new ways of seeing and, subsequently, exploring interconnections between time, space and the body. Within Walls has contributed to the eBook with the article "Representing architecture through a filmic process", where we suggest a new contemplating toolbox to creating architecture; a toolbox that enables us to visualize and control the narrative and atmospheric values of a space. 

The article is based upon theoretical experiments and studies and the practical architectural proposal Monument of Anxiety. 

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