289.000 young people in Sweden lack housing. Sweden has never faced such a catastrophic housing shortage regarding housing for adolescents. In 2012 Malmö Municipality started the UngBo-Project [YoungLiving-Project] With a national idea competition, an architectural competition and a 1:1 prototype exhibition. The biggest initiative ever launched in Sweden. 

Since then a lot of different YoungLiving-projects has been launched by the municipality. In 2015 they wanted to show all of these different initiatives, ranging from political agreements, idea competitions made by young people to real buildings.

Within Walls designed the YoungLiving-Pavilion. An innovative and dynamic modular structure, made by the recycled lightweight material ReBoard. The pavilion is 50m2, can be assembled by two persons in two hours and disassembled in 30min. The exhibition design is an innovative architectural visualisation tool. The modular system allows the pavilion to be assembled in multiple ways, and for multiple ourposes.

Technical information

Size: 50m2
Assemble team: 2persons
Assemble time: 2 hours
Disassemble time: 30min


The pavilion contains

  • information wall (11m)
  • projection wall
  • two television screens


  • workshop area
  • seating (22m)
  • 3D pop-up exhibition.