Besides organizing the Sustainable City-zone at the 2014 InnoCarnival fair, Within Walls had an exhibition of our own.

The exhibition showcased most of the films we have produces during the years, and a few of our props. All with an emphasis on how to communicate architectural visions and start architectural discussions with all the different stakeholders of a building process; the end-users, politicians, constructors and design teams.

In a world with growing populations and a massive migration to the cities, being a sustainable city is not just about climate adaptation and using renewable energy. Social sustainability is more important than ever. But how do we ensure liveability? How do we design cities that fulfil the needs of its users? How do we ensure a safe and inviting urban environment? How do we establish value adding, ownership and social neighbourhoods?

These are some of the issues that we at Within Walls tries to address, by rethinking the way we plan and build our cities.