289.000 young people in Sweden lack housing. Sweden has never faced such a catastrophic housing shortage regarding housing for adolescents.

In 2012 Malmö Municipality started the UngBo-Project [YoungLiving-Project] With a national idea competition, an architectural competition and a 1:1 prototype exhibition. The biggest initiative ever launched in Sweden. 

Since then a lot of different YoungLiving-initiatives has taken place; conferences, political initiatives, idea competitions, exhibitions and workshops.

In the film Young Living we get to hear the project leaders, Hanna Wadman and the Director of Malmö City Construction, Christer Larssons' thoughts on how the Young Living-projects has affected the planning process, the politics and the specific housing situation for adolescents in Sweden.

The film is projected into a doll house via 3D-projection mapping and is produced by Within Walls.


  • Produced by Christel Nisbeth, Moa Liew,
  • Music Johnny Ripper “House” and “As a Child”
  • Interviewed Hanna Wadman, Project Manager Young Living
    and Christer Larsson, City Planning Director
  • Produced for Malmö Municipality
  • Funded by Malmö Stad


  • Form and Design Center, Malmö 2015
  • Malmö City Hall 2015