What role does the sketch play in the creative process? Does it depict the birth of an art piece or is it merely a representative tool? How do you capture a creative process in film?

In this film we discuss the nature of the sketch, both as an obvious part of the creative process, as a time capsule and as an unique piece of art in it self. 

The aesthetic of the film can be seen as a fleeting sketch in its own. We tried to break down the barrier between the two dimensional image and the three dimensional space through a spatial choreography between filmic projections, models and the body.

Over the course of 20 month we followed the rebuild of The Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art in Lund; as the displayed sketches are dismounted and stored in the museum cellars, as the interior of the museum is torn out, as the new structure emerges and when the sketches are reinstalled on the pristine white walls. 


  • A film by Christel Wolff Nisbeth & Moa Liew

  • Produced by Elzbieta Brunnberg (Art Film Factory)

  • Director and Photography Christel Wolff Nisbeth & Moa Liew

  • Sound mix Ask Kærby (Audio Expertise)

  • Music Sharmay Elverton

  • Interviewed Patrick Amstell, Museum Director
    Annika Svenbro (Artist) and Jonas Elding (Architect)

  • Funded by Film i Skåne & Kultur Lund

A heartful thank you to The Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art

Watch the film above