How do you depict the atmosphere of a space that doesn't exist yet? How do you visualize its sound, climate and rhythm?

This film is produced in collaboration with STED - Landscape Architects as an attempt to visualize one og their latest projects 'Kronløbsøen - Denmarks newest island number 1420'.

The aim was to create a film that would function as a spatial visualization,  a design tool and a tactile investigation of this unique project. 

Through the film you experience the dramaturgy of arriving to the island, its tactility, the changing sound of the surrounding landscape, iits changing sounds and views. 

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  • A film by Christel Wolff Nisbeth
    Co-produced with STED - Landscape Architecture
  • Produced for STED - Landscape Architects
  • Sound mix Christel Wolff Nisbeth