To bring forth ideas and products that can develop the residential area to an environment of well-being and community spaces. That has been the ambition for the project.


As process leaders of the workshop Within Walls worked focused on the engaging the participants to work without any pretentiousness. In each workshop we have commonly worked from new vision about what the municipal housing solutions can and should be. Here the biggest challenge was to make the participant speak a common language. Everyone's an expert on the subject but have different views on the matter. At each workshop new truths were created this way and participant benefitted from the expertise of the other regardless of it being based on experience or academic.

As a resident it can be difficult to describe exactly what you experience and perceive in the physical environment that you encounter every day. Conversely as an architect it can be easy to throw around abstract analyses about a space. In order to get past these cliches and give the results a higher degree of innovation we have been working actively with wordless communication where swift data challenged all participants creative skills.

It has been important to give the architect students the possibility to work intuitively and playfully and also important to protect the residents personal area of interest during the process. Above all it has been crucial that all participant could be proud of the results being presented in the end.


Film from the prototype production during Gör(om)rådet