How do we start a public discussion regarding the way we inhabit space? What Is the difference between square meter quantities and square meter qualities? How do we encourage people to live more dense?

Architects, city planners and politicians face huge challenges when it comes to starting architectural discussions with the broader public! This film has been shown in several countries, even though the purpose of the film originally was Danish, it strikes a core in many modern society. And this film has been able to start architectural discussions between people from all different sorts of social, academic and national backgrounds. 

The aim of the film is to change the public perspective upon the explosive expansion of housing m2 now a day. Instead of telling the well know story of doom and gloom we want to switch the perspective and focus upon quality vs. quantity.

In 2010 the film won 1st prize in the first architectural competition where the format was a film. The aim of the competition was to start a national discussion about how we live, and come up with architectural solutions to the growing cities and the overconsumption of building materials and energy in modern houses. From 1950-2000 the amount of m2 per person in Denmark has increased from 29 to 52. And our houses are still growing… 


Director: Christel Nisbeth, Moa Liew, Annemie Sandadhl, Agnes Mohlin
Editor: Christel Nisbeth, Moa Liew, Annemie Sandadhl, Agnes Mohlin
Stage design: Christel Nisbeth, Moa Liew, Annemie Sandadhl, Agnes Mohlin
Music: Moa Liew
Speak: Frederik Teglhus, Rikke Rohr, Christel Nisnbeth, Catharina Madsen


Danish Design Week, 2011, Denmark

Trapholt Museum, 2011, Denmark

Almedalsveckan 2011, Sweden

Liverpool University 2015, Great Brittan

Architecture and Design Film Festival 2015, Sweden

New York University 2015, USA


1st prize winner of the competition ‘dense living’ by The Danish Arts Foundation



Chistel Nisbeth talks about the challenging of expanding and square meter quality. Can we create a mind shift in regard to how we value wealth? Introduction in swedish/danish and lecture about architecture in english. The movie "Within walls" where shown.