How do we start a public discussion regarding the way we inhabit space? How do we encourage people to live denser?

Resident participation is not just about informing the public, there is much to gain if we can start architectural discussions. Through film we can enlighten the spectator and start raising complex questions.

Architects, city planners and politicians face a lot of challenges when it comes to starting architectural discussions with the broader public. Plan, section and elevation drawings can be exclusive. The architectural discussions about urban planning are quite often academic and introvert. But in a world where almost 50% of the planet's population lives in cities, we need to start public discussions regarding the way we live.

Film is a well-known media, it can easily be distributed and interact with the broader public. We are all experts on interpreting film, and we can accept a high level of complexity as long as the media is familiar. 


”Housing - A Critical Perspective” by Amps [Architecture, media and politics]

University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University


ArchFilmLund 2015


Architecture, Resident Participation and Film


Favourite Housing

Architecture, Resident Participation and Film